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Issue #1

Posted on: December 19, 2008 9:36 am

As I get older, I am finding that progress is not always a good thing.  The list of pet peeves is growing.  Maybe it is me, but I think we as Americans and as human beings deserve better.

For example, I have been having a problem with my internet service.  I tried to call to get some assistance and had to go throw 5 minutes of talking to a voice prompter and getting sent to supposedly someone who can help me.  But my call gets routed to INDIA.  No, not Indiana, India.  The person on the other end of the phone doesn't speak fluent English nor does she have a clue what she is talking about.  I am placed on hold three times, abd my cellphone says that call lasted in 57 minutes 32 seconds and I am disconnected from the call with no resolution.  I call back, and I am placed on hold again, only to find out that my call has once again gone to India.  When I asked for someone in the United States to speak to, I am told that there is no one to transfer the call to in America.  So I hang up, I called back the next day at 9am, and guess what, I am directed to India again.  Then they try to transfer back to the United States and I end up in India again with another representative.  WHY?  Are call centers and Customer service positions so hard to fill here in the United States that we have to outsource them to INDIA?  Maybe it is because I deal with a very large Internet provider, Verizon.  But wait, if they are so big, why do they have to outsource to India?  So, to make my ordeal even worse, I have been trying to solve the same problem since September, and everytime I call - no one in India can solve the problem, they try to transfer me - I get disconnected - no one ever calls me back - and I can't get it resolved.  I received a letter yesterday with a new 877 number to call.  I got someone in Texas - in the United States of America and her name was Summer.  I explained my problem to her, she assured me she would be able to help me with the issues I was having.  She asked if she could place me on hold for a few "short moments" and guess what, she transferred me to INDIA.  What is this world coming to.  (And, my problem is still a problem.)  Guess I need a new internet provider. (And as sad as this is, it is true)

What happened to real live people answering phones and directing calls?  Why do we have to talk to voice activated machines or computers to get to talk to people?  Where did the human touch go?  I made a decision recently that I only talk to people.  If they can't answer the phone, I just stay on the line, pretending that I do not have a touch tone phone and wait for a person.  Then, I call and the computer answering machine says press or say one to be routed to customer service.  So now I can't even get to a human I have to speak to the computer.  In this world of bad customer service, shouldn't a friendly voice answer the call when you are calling for service or to schedule an appointment or to pay a bill?

But wait, now if you want to talk to someone and pay a bill, you have to pay a fee.  But, if you use the automated service, there is no fee.  Really, that should be reversed.  Since people need jobs, we should have automated services to take payments.  If you want to use automated payments, then pay the fee.  If you want a human being, it should be free - and maybe, just maybe, businesses will hire more people and a slight economic stimulus will happen.  More jobs for unemployed people, friendly voices on the other end of phone to help customers, and less machines.  Sounds like a plan to me.

What ever happened to thank you notes?  I haven't received one in about 20 years.  And I miss them.  It is just a little note to acknowledge the receipt of a gift, or a nice gesture, or a job well done.  It would cost about eighty cents to send one - go to the Dollar Store, but a pack, write a short thank you inside, including what you are thanking them for exactly (the gift of a baseball glove that you gave me for my birthday or stopping by to see me when I wasn't feeling well) and a stamp.  It shows someone that you really care.

And, for the last of my thoughtful thoughts, what ever happened to smiling?  What ever happened to just being nice?  Can't we just smile, say hi to people we pass in the mall or in the store. Can't we be pleasant, even if we aren't in the best mood just be kind.  Forcing yourself to be nice may actually improve your mood. 

Thanks for letting me share my thoughts - I would really like you to share some thoughts with me.............



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Posted on: December 23, 2008 5:41 am

Issue #1

I agree with everything you are saying Ruth. Especially the trying to be nice to each other. I mean this year on the day after Thanksgiving one man actually shot another outside a Toys-R-Us store and another was trampled to death because of someone else's greed and need to have the best buy or last item of one toy or another. People slow down a little bit and love one another, be a little more courteous, smile, help someone who is less able do something that the rest of us take for granted. Most people would appreciate the help and offer thanks to you for it.

But I have 1 or 2 more that should maybe be added to the list. Since this is America, why, when we call most governmental agencies, do we have to press 1 or 2 for English?? Why, oh why? And now some sporting events and other events have been thinking about singing the United States National Anthem, in Spanish. Some schools already say the Pledge of Allegience in Spanish. I thought that it was part of the Consitution that you had to learn to speak English as the official language of the United States? When was there a Constitutional amendment requiring us to become a bi-lingual nation. Where in the US Constitution does it say that we must cater to immigrants andtheir languages and customs and to throw ous out the window. So now, after all of this time are we having to cater to a minority of the population and a group whose majority are here illegally. I mean why are we giving them free health care, unemployment benefits, special schools, and a host of other benefits, that if we were to travel to their country and live there, we would never receive.

My second point is that we give, and I use that term freely, give a lot of these 3rd world countries free money, in the guise of Foreign aid. And all you read about in their newspapers and hear about from a lot of their citizens, is how the U.S. is an evil country and how we are so anti-world. This makes me sick. These countries, who we give this aid to, vote against us, on average 82.5% of the time on items that the US tries to push through the United Nations. That's more than 4 out of every 5 votes. In most of these countries the aid we send doesn't even end up going to do what is was sent to do in the first place. This aid is usually money that is supposed to be for humanitarian purposes. The corrupt foreign governments that we send this aid to use it for personal uses or military applications. Very little if any actually ends up going to the people it is intended to help. Then these Governments cry and say why don't you help us more? Probably because you are not using the money for its intended purposes. So my solution would be to retract all of the foreign aid from these countries, and put it to better use here. We could use it for Obama's reconstruction plan, to get homeless people off the street, pay down the National Debt, or any other host of better uses than to send it to people who just wish us to leave them alone in the first place. Then to some our so-called allies, France and Russia, are at the top of my hit list, let them supply this aid to these US haters, let them bear our burden and see how ungrateful these, Freeloaders, can be and then understand why our country is is such dire straits right now. The time of the free lunch for other nations should stop now and we should take care of our own. That's what these other countries all say about us anyway, so let them make it on their own or with someone else's pocketbook backing them. I feel that we need to fix our country before we try to help them fix theirs.

That being said, I'm sorry for getting up on my soap box, I'm Out!

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Posted on: December 19, 2008 11:07 pm

Issue #1

you make me smile Ruth..

Merry Christmas to you and your boys..

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